Rustic Harvest Decorations

Indian corn and other natural elements create colorful accents outside your home.

Pumpkin Tree
Perfect for patio tables, this centerpiece celebrates nature with birdseed, branches, and pumpkins.
Corn and Husk Garland
Use this colorful, beautifully textured garland to decorate a fence, porch rail, or deck.
Potted Pumpkin
Showcase a pumpkin or a pile of gourds in this simple display that starts with a straw wreath form.
Wagon Wheel
Mini pumpkins fit snugly between the spokes of an old-style wagon wheel.
Corncob and Husks Wreath
Mimic a bright, blazing sunburst with this wreath made of Indian corn.
Vintage Corn Decoration
For a made-in-minutes door decoration, wedge ears of corn between the tines of an old rake.

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