Holiday Lighting

Add that holiday glow with everything from luminaria to repurposed Christmas lights.

Luminaria with Cranberries
Make seasonal luminaria fast with glass vases, cranberries, and instant snow.
Lantern Pumpkin
Showcase your lantern pumpkin in a garden urn decorated with fall leaves and berry vines.
Fall Festive Lights
Adapt Christmas lights for Thanksgiving by draping them over sturdy bare branches.
Great Gourd Candleholders
For an easy-does-it display, arrange gourds in a tray filled with hedge apples, pinecones, or nuts.
Pumpkin Luminaries
Illuminate a November night with miniature pumpkin candleholders fit for the season.
Icy Luminaria
Light the holiday night with gently glowing luminaria made with frozen poinsettias.

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