Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Add a pretty focal point to your holiday table with any of these handcrafted centerpieces.

White Pumpkin Wreath Centerpiece
Create this tone-on-tone look with all white or all orange pumpkins and trappings.
Indian Corn and Wheat Centerpiece
Display this rustic arrangement on a footed compote to make sure everyone can admire it.
Shimmering Pumpkins Centerpiece
Take a step away from traditional fall colors with a gleaming metallic palette.
Cranberry Spheres
For a pretty pop of color, adorn the Thanksgiving table with vibrant cranberry spheres.
Showcase of Fall Elements
Use unshelled mixed nuts to decorate this basket if you don't live near any oak trees.
Dress Up Fall Fruits
For unexpected sparkle, embellish fruit with adhesive decals in shimmering metallic tones.

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