DIY Outdoor Projects

Projects you can do yourself to spruce up your deck, patio, or yard.

DIY Terrarium
Craft a simple terrarium all on your own using no more than a wooden tray, a collection of small potted plants, and a large glass cloche.
Chime In
Hang a collection of different-size bottles at various heights from a pergola or other overhead structure.
Pretty Planters
Think these are just garden vases? They actually had a previous life as light fixtures.
Fantastic Fountain
What's more refreshing in a backyard than the playful babbling of a fountain?
Garden Showers
Pray paint dresses up this shower caddy to hold a colorful shade garden.
Cheerful Mailbox
A coat of metallic spray paint and a stenciled "Hello" give the mailbox new life and make guests feel welcome.


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