Curb Appeal

Make your home's front entrance an inviting focal point.

An Edgy Flower Bed
Make this easy planter out of concrete pavers and edging for handsome raised beds that belie their humble price tag.
Do a mailbox makeover
Mailboxes should complement the home and express the homeowner's personality.
Great Wall of Concrete
Few features have as much impact on a garden -- both visual and architectural -- as a regal retaining wall.
Create a new planting bed
Add contrast and color to your home exterior with a new planting bed.
Enhance the Entry
Make your home's front entrance an inviting focal point: Add a landscaping or a few nicely arranged container plants on either side of the front door or near the entry.
Conceal the Air-Conditioner
You can't get rid of bulky and unsightly air conditioning units and utility meters, but you can hide them.


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