Colorful Outdoors

Decorating ideas to add personality and color to your porch, patio, or deck.

Suzani-Style Stepping-Stones
These enchanting stepping-stones rival a rainbow with their riotous color! But
Living Monogram Wreath
The homeowners' living monogram "wreath" was made from a plywood back, 2-inch cedar boards, and chicken wire.
Stencil Magic
Add a splash of personality to a solid-color outdoor pillow with a handy stencil.
Pallets in a Perky Palette
Wooden pallets are easy to come by on the cheap -- many businesses will even give them away!
Fancy Fence
All fences are functional -- even the simplest ones are good at delineating the neighbor's yard from your own -- but this one takes practicality to new heights.
Garden Showers
pray paint dresses up this shower caddy to hold a colorful shade garden.


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