Creative Christmas Wreaths

Fun designs show you how to make wreaths in surprising shapes, colors, and materials.

Wrap a Wreath Form in Book Pages
Create a vintage look for your wreath by decoupaging pages from old unused books.
Use Yarn and Felt to Make a Wreath
Red felt rosettes add festive cheer to this simple wreath form wrapped in white yarn.
Try Fragrant Fruit in a Christmas Wreath
Turn dried slices of oranges and lemons into a cheery circle of refreshing color.
Make a Mini Candy Cane Wreath
Small candy canes get a boost from mini red ball ornaments and an oversize bow.
Curl Paper to Make a Christmas Wreath
Craft a forever holiday keepsake with rolled strips of decorative scrapbook paper.
Transform Nuts into a Star Wreath
Fresh bay leaves outline a cheerful star-shape wreath made from mixed nuts.

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