Get the party started with this selection of nachos, quesadillas, and other savory small bites.

Black Bean Salsa
Heartier than your average salsa, this recipe features fiber-rich black beans.
Tequila Shrimp Nachos
Kick off any fiesta with a platter of these fabulous, cumin-spiced shrimp nachos.
Cheesy Mexican Fondue
They'll love this fondue that uses two cheeses, roasted red peppers, green chile peppers, and tomatoes.
Veggie-Filled Quesadillas
Serve this zesty crowd pleaser as an appetizer at your next get-together.
Jalapeno-Peach Wonton Poppers
Fresh peach sauce tops these baked poppers stuffed with cream cheese filling.
Hot & Chunky Guacamole
Fresh peas are a sweet and vibrant addition to this spicy guacamole recipe.

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