Stenciled Pumpkins

Use our free patterns and easy ideas to decorate your pumpkins with stenciled graphics and painted silhouettes.

Use paper doilies as stencils to create intricate, lacelike designs.
House Numbers
Trace number stencils onto pumpkins, then chisel out the pumpkin skin to reveal the lighter flesh beneath.
Cat & Mice
Use our free template to trace the shapes of cat and mice onto a set of pumpkins, then fill in with acrylic paint.
Vary the size and placement of painted bat silhouettes to achieve the perfect Halloween atmosphere.
Apply a coat of varnish after the paint dries to protect your crow from the elements.
Use this easy technique to give your painted pumpkin the laid-back charm of folk art.
Haunted House
Our free pattern makes it easy to create a haunted mansion with paint and chiseled-out windows. Bring the scene to life with candlelight.
Trick or Treat
Create a welcoming decoration from three short, wide pumpkins, our free pattern, and acrylic paint.
Cut out this creepy crow and birdcage from adhesive-backed vinyl, then press pieces onto the pumpkin for a fab Fright Night display.

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