Pretty Pumpkins

Add a little elegance to your fall decor with these chic pumpkin-decorating ideas.

Layer your pumpkin with lace to create a fashionable presence this season.
Glitter Web
Glamorize your pumpkin with silver sequins, rhinestones, and a metallic silver spider.
Glitter Topiary
Add some sparkle to Halloween with glitter-blasted faux pumpkins stacked to spell out the word "boo."
Sequined Swirls
Adorn your fake pumpkin with glimmering sequins that are easy to spot from across the street.
Lace Strips
For a softer touch, pair pastel-color gourds with delicate lace and raffia to create an almost shabby-chic display.
Colorful Sequins
Your pumpkin will be ready to party once you attach glittering bands of purple, green, teal, pink, and black sequins.
Make these shimmering faux pumpkins with white crafts glue and autumnal shades of glitter.
Sequin Monogram
Swirl on stylish letters or pretty designs by attaching sequins or faux jewels to artificial pumpkins.
Sequin Stripes
Attach stripes of sequins in silver and black to give your pumpkin a sophisticated presence.

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