Painted Pumpkins

Give your pumpkins mesmerizing new personalities with spray paint, chalkboard paint, and more.

Candy Corn
Use cone-shape pumpkins and spray paint to create these sweet Halloween treats.
Black chalkboard paint gives any pumpkin the power to deliver a Halloween message.
Spray your pumpkins in pastel colors, then coat them with an iridescent spray paint to add some shimmer.
Black Paint & Decorations
Stick on silver stars and letters to give your black-painted pumpkin a touch of glamor.
Black Cat & Bat
Spray paint two pumpkins luscious matte black, then pin cute cardstock features in place.
Friendly Cats
Use paint, permanent markers, and crafts foam to create a litter of adorable pumpkin kittens.
Color Change
Paint a pumpkin with your favorite color, then sprinkle the wet paint with glitter to add some sparkle.
Paint on some leaf motifs to create a pumpkin that spans the season from Halloween to Thanksgiving.
Cute googly eyes, chenille-stem antennae, and adhesive-felt dots turn a line-up of green-painted pumpkins into a caterpillar.

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