Eerie Pumpkins

Cast a spooky spell with pumpkins that have been turned into wicked-scary Halloween décor.

Gauze Mummy
This shrouded pumpkin casts an eerie aura at night, thanks to cheesecloth brushed with glow-in-the dark paint.
Grim Reaper
Stack pumpkins onto a PVC pipe to create this foreboding Grim Reaper sculpture for Halloween.
Use construction paper, pins, and hot-melt adhesive to turn two pumpkins into a trendy owl.
Wicked Centerpiece
Black stenciled letters on white-painted pumpkins form a high-contrast, high-style centerpiece.
Infest your yard with enormous spiders by decorating a pumpkin with jumbo black chenille stems and eyes made out of crafts foam.
Spider Web
Weave a real web on this year's pumpkin using heavy, metallic black stitching braid and short black map pins.

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