Crafty Pumpkins

From glued-on ribbon to decoupaged party napkins, these pumpkin-decorating ideas will help jazz up your home this fall.

Ribbon & Rickrack
For quick Halloween style, hot-glue different varieties of ribbon and rickrack to the pumpkin shell—using its indented ridges as guides.
Chic Mod Podge
Find your favorite patterned napkins, then use decoupage glue to turn an artificial pumpkin into a decoration you can enjoy for years.
Create beautifully textural designs on pumpkins by attaching yarn in vertical, horizontal, and swirled designs.
Give this pretty pumpkin a ghostly message in a few minutes with some glue, a jar of black buttons, and an elegant bow.
Ribbon & Fringe
Design a pumpkin with pizzazz by hot-gluing ribbon in the ridges, then topping it with fringe or feathers for extra glamor.
Apple Cored
Knock out the holes that form the letters with a plunger-type apple corer. When illuminated from within, the letters emit an eerie glow.
Create this striking pumpkin by drawing a wave on your pumpkin, then filling in the lines with basic black upholstery tacks.
Fabric Paint
White dimensional fabric paint and glitter give pumpkins a frosty persona. For a scarier look, use black paint and glitter to make spiders or bats.
Animal Print Tape
Stick on pieces of animal-print duct tape to create intriguing pumpkin designs. Strips of black tape create elegant accents.

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