Make-Ahead Appetizers

Just so "no" to kitchen duty. Make these delish appetizers from one day to several weeks in advance.

Saucy Apricot Spiced Meatballs
Prep these delectable meatballs up to a day ahead, then warm in a slow-cooker before serving.
Mini Gruyere Puffs
Freeze these light-and-puffy appetizers for up to a month before the main event.
Smoky Cheese Ball
Unlike some cheese balls, this one freezes beautifully. And its smoky cheddar taste is sure to be a hit.
Lemon-Zested Snacker Mix
Use your slow-cooker to make a warm, crunch snack mix that can be stored up to two weeks.
Herb and Cheese Mini Quiches
Make and freeze these flavor-packed quiches now, thaw and reheat them for the big day.
Sugared Bacon-Wrapped Smokies
Bacon and brown sugar take basic smokies up a notch. Prep in advance, then chill for a day before baking.

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