Make-Ahead Desserts

These delicious make-ahead desserts are perfect for hectic holiday schedules.

Chocolate and Vanilla Red Velvet Cake
Freeze the cooled cake layers until you're ready to assemble this show-stopping dessert.
Cherry-Cranberry Pie
Save time on the day of the potluck by making this sweet-tart pie a few weeks in advance.
Bourbon-Chocolate Tipsy Cake
Bourbon and coffee crystals add flavor depth to this rich, super-moist cake.
Berry Slab Pie
Perfect for casual buffets, this mixed-berry dessert can be made and frozen weeks in advance.
Peppermint Dream Cake
Dress up this mostly make-ahead cake in luscious white chocolate frosting and crushed candies.
Cherry Cassata Torte
Relax: You can make and chill this gorgeous dessert up to 24 hours before serving.

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