Elegantly Natural Decor

Create simply beautiful tabletop decor by combining natural elements in stylish ways.

Cattails Centerpiece
Grouped in individual green vases, simple cattail stems take on a dramatic elegance.
Fall Centerpiece Ideas
For the easiest centerpiece ever, display fall elements in clear glass footed jars.
Golden Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Mingle white dishes, glass containers, and soft white and golden foliage for simple beauty.
Grass Bouquets with Copper Embellishments
A touch of gleaming copper turns garden-variety grasses into elegant bouquets.
White Pumpkin Wreath Centerpiece
For a tone-on-tone nature-focused centerpiece, combine white pumpkins and pale pistachios.
Simple Centerpieces from Nature
For a pretty touch of holiday bling, attach adhesive jewel decals to real or faux pears.

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