Top Smoothie Techniques

Check out our helpful tips for making healthy, delicious smoothies with fresh fruit and vegetables.

How to Make a Smoothie
Check out this video for our simple formula for great smoothies every time -- no matter which fruits you love!
Trend Spotting with BHG: Green Smoothies
Get your greens in with a vitamin-packed smoothie. Here's how.
How to Wash Fruits and Vegetables
Make sure those beautiful fruits and veggies have been washed well before you turn them into smoothies.
Tips for Refrigerating Produce
Check out our tips for storing fruits and veggies in a way that maintains flavor, texture, and nutritional value.
Top 10 Fruits for Your Heart Health
Make your next smoothie from fruits that are loaded with nutrients that can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
How to Choose, Store, Wash, and Freeze Berries
Learn how to store and freeze berries to extend the season for making delicious, nutritious smoothies.

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