Treat yourself to delicious low-fat dinner recipes that are less than 400 calories per serving.

Feta-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Upgrade chicken breasts with a creamy cheese stuffing made with crumbled feta, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil.
Pork Steaks with Plum Salsa
Soy-brushed pork steaks topped with sweet and spicy plum salsa make for an easy, low-cost dinner that's big on flavor.
Herbed Salmon
Sprinkled with zesty lemon juice and coated in fresh herbs and savory seasonings, this flavorful salmon dinner is a real catch.
Herb-Crusted Cod with Cauliflower Mash
Our delish fish recipe features a crunchy coating of dill and panko bread crumbs, along with a creamy potato-and-cauliflower mash on the side.
Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic Tomatoes
The balsamic reduction and garnish of fresh thyme and tomatoes make this recipe look restaurant-worthy, but it requires only five basic ingredients.
Chicken Piccatta
The Italian favorite gets loads of flavor from lemon, capers, and fresh parsley — instead of carb-laden breading.

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