Wine Wraps & Labels

Amaze your favorite wine lover or party host with a bottle wrapped in creativity.

Stamped Wine Wraps
Make this wine wrap even more seasonal by using red or green cord and the word "Noel."
Knitted Wine Bag
Fun pom-poms are the perfect way to tie up wine in this keepsake knitted wrap.
Felt Wine Wrap
Use red, green, or white felt with contrasting stitching to give this wrap a holiday vibe.
Bold Striped Wine Wrap
Jazz up this easy-does-it wine wrap with a decorative stopper and polka-dot ribbon.
Red Nose Reindeer Wine Accent
With a red pom-pom nose and chenille-stem antlers, any animal on a label can become Rudolph.
Wine for the Holidays
Turn any bottle of wine into a fun gift fast by adding a paper label splashed in holiday colors.

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