Nab some creative ideas for concocting either kid-friendly beverages or adults-only cocktails for your Fright Night bash.

Tangled Web Shakes
Lure your guests to the dessert table by topping each oozing milkshake with a sugary spider web sprinkled with sea salt.
Bloody-Rimmed Martinis
Satisfy your inner vampire when you suck down a coconut-flavor martini from a glass drizzled with red gel "blood."
Eyeball Ice Punch
Made with fruit and candy, this eyeball ice ring will add a startling focal point to any Halloween punch bowl.
Candy Corn Drink
Layers of mango-sweetened gelatin, bubbly orange drink, and honey-infused whipped cream imitate the classic Halloween candy's colorful stripes.
Haunting Hot Chocolate
Purchased marshmallow ghosts add a frightening touch to hot chocolate made with vanilla-flavor baking pieces.
Transylvania Punch
It's alive! Make glasses of ginger ale or lemon-lime soda quiver by floating a bobbing spoonful of cherry gelatin in each.
Monster Mash Slush
Drizzle blood-red grenadine over tequila-and-liqueur laced slush to create an ominous effect.
Muddy Swamp Water
Chocolate shavings and chocolate-covered coffee beans give this eerie punch its murky appearance. Irish liqueur gives it delicious flavor.
Blood Green Brew
For a startling effect, serve green-dyed lemon-lime soda in a glass mug decorated with dried-on painted "blood."

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