Dazzle Halloween guests with clever creations that begin with store-bought or homemade cupcakes.

Spiky Monster Cupcakes
Pastry-bag hair and piped-on eyes turn simple cupcakes into sweet, spiky monsters.
Yummy Mummy Cupcakes
Harness the power of a pastry bag to turn basic cupcakes into hauntingly cute mummies.
Marshmallow Frankenstein Cupcake
Create this monstrously cute Frankenstein cupcake from a marshmallow, neck bolts made of pretzels, and piped-on features.
Eyeball Cupcakes
Cute cupcakes become terrifying treats when you add bloodshot eyeballs made from frosted donut holes.
Flying Bat Cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes will fly off the plate when they include green-eyed bats with chocolate-cookie wings.
Black Cat Cupcakes
Anything but bad luck, these black-cat cupcakes boast fur made of chocolate sprinkles and gleaming yellow eyes made from gumdrops.
Cupcake Ghosts
For the ultimate in spooky sweets, drape white fondant over a frosted white chocolate cupcake and pipe on ghostly features.
Spider Cupcake
It's easy to make these sweet little spider bites: just add frosting, sprinkles, licorice, and candy to your favorite flavor of cupcakes.
Skeleton Bones Cupcake
No bones about it: this candy-adorned cupcake will satisfy even the hungriest boys and ghouls.

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