Cast a spell at your next Halloween party—or family dinner—with these bewitching cake decorating ideas.

Jack-o'-Lantern Chocolate Cake
Pipe your favorite jack-o'-lantern faces onto cookies and let your little monsters decorate the cake.
Skeleton Graveyard Cake
Add toasted meringue "bones" to turn a chocolate-frosted cake into a sweet but scary dessert.
Spooky Skull Cake
Rest a scary skull cake on a platter of red jelly worms for the ultimate in Fright Night desserts.
Spooky Spice Cake
Fill this four-sided frosted cake with Halloween candy to create a showcase dessert for your buffet table.
Scaredy-Cat Ice Cream Cake
Crumbled cookies and colorful candies are the key to creating the cat face on this iconic ice-cream cake (with a brownie base).
Spiderweb Cake
For a dessert that's delightfully creepy-crawly, try our spiderweb cake. Cupcake spiders will give it an extra spooky finish.
Halloween Witch Cake
Two stacked angel food cakes form the base of a wicked-scary witch face decorated with green frosting and other tasty treats.
Wizard's Hat Cake
Fit for any wizard or witch, this mesmerizing hat features five layers of cake, a sugar cone, and plenty of chocolate frosting.
White Ghost Cake
Coat a layer cake with ghostly white frosting, then pipe on apparitions and dots of black icing to enhance the illusion.

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