Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Enhance your garden and landscape with these permanent plantings.

Plant a Tree
Watch and learn. Our video makes tree planting easy.
Living Arbor
Shear and train an evergreen into a fun shape (and unique yard focal point).
Evergreen Ground Cover
Creeping blue spruce offers a colorful mat of foliage for your landscape.
Espalier a Shrub
Get artistic with shrubbery. Espalier is great for small-space gardens.
Container Trees and Shrubs
Learn the right way to plant small trees and colorful shrubs in pots.
Heavenly Hydrangea
Endless Summer is ideal for Midwest gardens. This hydrangea offers big balls of bloom.
Flowering Crabapple
This small tree has everything: spring flowers, summer berries, fall color.
Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs
Get tips for pruning spring-flowering shrubs to keep them attractive and healthy.

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