Add beauty and value to your home with landscaping and lawn upgrades.

Welcoming Front Yard
Get a designer look for your front yard with our plan.
Lawn Care Calendar
Get the lushest grass in the neighborhood with our tips.
Pick the Right Edging
Explore options in decorative garden edging that will handsomely separate your lawn from your garden.
Salvage Style
Repurpose found objects and salvaged pieces in your garden to add vintage style.
Backyard Ponds
A water feature enhances your garden with soothing sounds and fun fish.
Video: Mulch Basics
Beautify your landscaping and protect your plants with the best mulch for your garden.
No-Mow Backyard
Enjoy a colorful easy-care plant with our downloadable plan.
Leaf Stepping Stones
dd new dimension to your garden path with stepping-stones made of clever concrete shapes.

More Inspiration

  • Roses

    Select roses that grow best in the Midwest.

  • Vegetables & Fruits

    Taste the goodness of homegrown produce. Easy-to-grow fruits and veggies make eating healthy so delicious.

  • Flowers

    Plant the garden of your dreams with annuals and perennial flowers.

  • Trees, Shrubs & Vines

    Enhance your garden and landscape with these permanent plantings.

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