Trees, Shrubs & Vines

Enhance your garden and landscape with these permanent plantings.

Plant a Tree
Learn tips for planting trees. Expert advice will help you succeed.
Deer-Proof Shrub
If deer are dining, choose shrubs, such as caryopteris, which is not on their menu.
Structural Evergreens
Plant dwarf Alberta spruce to create "columns" for an outdoor garden room.
Blooming Vine
Draping, twining, flowering wisteria is a true Southern belle.
Flower Up
Discover the wide range of rhododendrons for Southern landscapes.
Screen the View
Japanese pittosporum is a popular Southern shrub that grows to 12 feet tall.
Plant Privacy
Add upright evergreen arborvitae to create a private getaway in your yard
Boxwood Hedge
This dense shrub has many personalities: clipped and formal or shaggy and casual.

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