Add beauty and value to your home with landscaping and lawn upgrades.

Hardy Hibiscus
Bold-flowering native hibiscus offers bold disk-shape colorful blooms.
Plant Wet Spots
Try pitcher plant in boggy areas. This fun carnivorous plant is a kid favorite!
Espalier a Shrub
Release your inner artist by learning how to prune and train a shrub into espalier.
Container Trees
Grow small trees and shrubs in pots to add instant patio appeal.
Disappoint Deer
Crocosmia's bold flowers and foliage won't tempt deer.
Butterfly Magnet
Swallowtails and Monarchs gather for a nectar feast on the flowers of Joe Pye weed.
Sun-Loving Garden
Let the sun shine in this downloadable southern garden plan designed for the South.
Lawn-Care Calendar
Enjoy a lush green lawn -- the easy way. Everything you need to know to care for Southern lawns.
Get Curvy
Add a meandering walkway to your yard for a stylish entry.

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