Frozen Desserts

Strawberry is one of the most popular ice cream flavors. Mix it up a bit and try strawberries in other frozen treats such as sorbets and smoothies.

Strawberry Granita
Granitas -- intensely fruit-flavored ice -- are enjoyed throughout Southern Italy. Served alone, they're zippy, light, and refreshing. Topped with the lemon cream, they're all that -- and a little decadent, too.
Strawberry and Cream Cheese Ice Cream
Cream cheese makes this luscious strawberry ice cream extra rich. Bonus: Prep takes just 20 minutes.
Strawberry Greek Frozen Yogurt
Smooth and rich, this sweet frozen yogurt gets flavor from in-season strawberries and a little tang from fresh lemon juice. Best of all, each serving is just 86 calories!
Strawberry-Mango Milkshake
Give your next strawberry milkshake a tropical flair with fresh mangos. We keep it creamy with frozen yogurt and milk.
Rhubarb-Strawberry Ice Cream
This fruity ice cream treat will hit the spot on a hot summer day, and is sure to be a favorite among kids.
Watermelon-Strawberry Sorbet
Vary the flavor and color of this sorbet depending on which berries you use. Mix blueberries with watermelon for a purply blue sorbet. Focusing on just raspberries and strawberries for a sorbet with a vivid red hue.

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