Last-Minute Crafts

These quick-and-easy craft projects will give your home a frightful flair -- FAST!

Spiderweb Pillow
Turn a black pillow into a spooky decoration with a doily, glue, and embroidery floss.
Freaky Framed Faces
Use glued-on googly eyes to transform photocopied faces into Halloween fun.
Spellbinding Wall Art
Make a creepy party backdrop from old plates refreshed with decorative paper.
Beaded Candle Cups
Seed beads and glitter team up to create votive candleholders that glow with intrigue.
Ghostly Frame Decorations
Sandwich ghostly shapes between sheets of glass, then edge with black fabric tape.
Spiderweb Pumpkin
A silver-painted spider feels right at home clinging to a web of sparkly rhinestones.

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