Indoor Crafts

Add frightful fun and festive flair with these scary-simple Halloween decorating ideas.

Painted Pumpkin Portrait
Use our free pattern to paint a pumpkin portrait of Jack O'Lantern to display for Halloween—or all fall if you'd like!
Flying Bat Frame
For the Halloween version of a Victorian specimen board, attach small paper bats to the back of a shadowbox frame.
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Make this friendly arachnid by wrapping yarn around a plastic-foam ball, then adding googly eyes and black chenille-stem legs.
Paper Pumpkins
This easy, colorful Halloween craft can be put together in minutes using strips of scrapbook paper, brads, and painted corks.
Long-Legged Spider
Elicit Halloween shrieks and screams with this oversize spider, made in a flash from plastic foam balls, wire, and paint.
Sequined Pillow
Whip up this temporary pillow decoration fast by basting sequined letter appliques to a black pillow top.

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