Tabletop Trees

Even though they're small, tabletop Christmas trees add big holiday style to any room.

Simply White
This tiny tree stays simple but sophisticated with a limited palette of white and silver ornaments.
Silver-and-Gold Tabletop Christmas Tree
Start with a pint-size silver tree, then add silver and gold ornaments for a luxurious look.
Christmas Color
For a bold graphic statement, choose a variety of eye-catching ornaments in the same color palette.
Blue and Silver Tabletop Tree
With spray-painted pinecones, even bare-branches can deliver a stylish Christmas greeting.
Rustic Tabletop Christmas Tree
Create a vintage tableau for your tree with simple paper ornaments and a copper pot.
Visions of Sugarplums
Sugared fruit (real or faux) delivers a sweet treat to the eye when hung on a small tree.

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