Easy Christmas Appetizer Party

These easy, holiday-worthy finger foods are yummy and fun to enjoy while mingling.

Plum Good Sausage and Meatballs
Slow-cook these delectable appetizers in a sassy blend of plum jam and barbecue sauce.
Double-Quick Shrimp Cocktail
We show you now to make this classic appetizer work for a larger holiday crowd.
Ricotta, Gorgonzola, and Honey Spread
Honey offers a sweet complement to the sharp Gorgonzola cheese in this pretty appetizer.
Herb-Baked Olives
Toss olives in olive oil, orange peel, and spices to make a simply delightful appetizer.
Stuffed Mushrooms
Include a classic in your appetizer buffet: mushrooms stuffed with cheese, bacon, and onion.
Mini Snowball Cakes
Eggnog and nutmeg turn an ordinary cake mix into a deliciously different holiday dessert.

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