Quick Breads & Muffins

Check out our easy ideas for dressing up quick breads and muffins for Christmas.

Chocolate-Cherry Banana Bread
Slip your favorite quick bread inside a clear bread bag, then band with red velvet ribbon.
Ribbons and Flags Muffin Carrier
Rows of ribbons and handmade paper flags transform a foil muffin pan into a cute carrier.
Coffee-Filter Cradle for Quick Bread
Ribbon and a pretty paper circle add finishing touches to a scallop-edge paper coffee filter.
Paper-Covered Parchment Box for Sweets
An empty parchment paper box goes in disguise when covered in patterned paper.
Paper Cuff for a Quick Bread
Two strips of paper and a handmade gift tag create a merry cuff for delicious quick bread.
Parchment Paper Label for Jar of Quick Bread Mix
Get a wallpaper-print look by writing the recipe name dozens of times on parchment paper.

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