Pretty Cakes & Pies

Get inspired by these fabulous packaging ideas for holiday cakes and pies.

Simple Bags for Beautiful Pies
Show off your prettiest pies with simple clear bags adorned in seasonal style.
Handsome Hatbox for Cakes
Need an eye-catching cake carrier? Transform a plain hatbox with pretty paper.
Clever Covers for Pies
Decorative brads transform two foil pie pans into a shimmery holiday container.
Window Box for Cupcakes
Upgrade a white window treat box with patterned acetate scrapbooking paper.
Wooden Crate Carrier for Desserts
An antique crate and spatula make a unique keepsake container for pies or cakes.
Sticker-Topped Tin for Sweets
A plain tin gets dressed for Christmas with a ribbon-wrapped base and sticker-topped lid.

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