Christmas Candy & Snacks

Candy, popcorn, and nuts look even more delish when wrapped in seasonal style.

Clear-Wrapped Egg Carton
Truffles and other round sweets nestle comfortably inside the cups of a decorated egg carton.
Chocolate Candy Slab
Add a festive look to any candy jar with a pretty tissue paper flower adhered with a glue dot.
Paper-Trimmed Container for Sweets
Give a recycled oatmeal container a store-bought look with patterned paper and letter beads.
Beaded Vase for Candies
A colorful string of crafting beads turns a plain vase into a cute candy station.
Peppermint Sticks
Wrap decorated peppermint sticks in clear cellophane and pretty ribbon for giving.
Roasted Spiced Almonds
Metal containers make cheerful containers when decked with wrapping paper or ribbon.

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