Christmas Cookie How-To

Get our best tips for decorating Christmas cookies to use as gifts or special treats.

How to Make Icing for Cookies
Get our tips for mixing and tinting the icing for the prettiest decorated cookies ever.
How to Glaze Cookies
Get that super-shiny finish for your holiday cookies with this simple frosting technique.
How to Decorate Cookies with Icing
Learn three easy ways to turn plain cutout cookies into beautiful holiday treats.
Dipping Cookies in Chocolate
A quick dip in melted chocolate makes even the simplest holiday cookie look elegant.
1 Cookie 4 Ways
From basic to beautifully intricate, see how to get 4 great looks from one cookie.
How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
We help you bake a batch of the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever had.

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