Living Room Inspiration

Get paint color inspiration from this photo gallery of beautiful living rooms.

Rustic Color Scheme: Lemon + Scarlet
Spicy colors such as orange, honey, and scarlet make this large space feel inviting.
Contemporary Naturals: Cloudy Blue + Garden Soil Brown + Bluegrass Green
An earthy palette is given a sophisticated makeover, thanks to the specific colors chosen.
Blue + Yellow
Varying shades of blue and yellow inspire a youthful, family-friendly gathering space.
Black + White + Gray
This back-to-basics gray, black, and white color scheme is a cohesive way to display artwork.
Whipped Cream White + Chocolate Brown
Choose a white with brown or gray undertones to stay away from stark.
Yellow+ Blue + Pink
Vibrant yellow walls make a statement, especially with lively blocks of accent colors.

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