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Coiled Fabric Easter Baskets

All you need to make our pretty DIY Easter baskets is cord, fabric strips, and glue. Fill them with spring candy and treats for a sweet and personalized Easter present.

Make the Easter Basket:
For each basket, you'll need 3/4 yard of colored print fabric (cut into 16x1-1/2-inch wide strips), 4 yards of cotton piping cord, and a hot-glue gun and glue sticks or needle and thread.

Hot-glue the first fabric strip to one end of the cord, and wrap it around the cord at an angle. Do this until the cord is covered entirely. Coil the cord tightly around itself, hot-gluing as you go, until you have a 2-inch spiral. Continue the spiral until the you've reached your desired base size.

Stack the next round atop the base, gluing as you go, until your basket is the desired height. Add tiny handles fashioned from leftover fabric.

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