Coca-Cola Has a Secret Site with Cocktail Recipes Using Your Favorite Drinks

Meet Coca-Cola&, your new go-to source for creative cocktail recipes made with your favorite sodas and juices.

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If you’re ready to take your bar menu up a notch from a simple gin and tonic or bloody Mary, Coca-Cola has a deliciously easy-to-use website that’s surprisingly under the radar—but it shouldn’t be. Now that we’ve discovered it, we had to share: The Coca-Cola& website is filled with creative cocktails made with classic Coca-Cola and the many soda and juice brands owned by the Coca-Cola brand.

Sure, you’ve heard of classics like rum and Coke, but we’re guessing a Coke con Coco is new to you. Or how about a Melontini made with Fresca? You’ll find a fantastic assortment of flavorful drinks for every season and all the holidays (even Derby Day!) on the site.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite offerings here, but you should also use the site’s impressive search tools to find your next favorite drink. You can search for and view recipes by the Coca-Cola brand they use, spirit, complexity, occasion, or the flavor you’re craving, or just scroll through the long list of options. If you have an abundance of Sprite on your hands, you can view cocktail recipes that just use Sprite; if you adore the Minute Maid line of juices, you can just view cocktails made with those drinks.

Read on for some of our picks from the Coca-Cola& website, or visit the page yourself to explore: Whatever you’re looking for, whether that’s twists on classic cocktails or unexpected beverage blends (Diet Cokagne, anyone?), there’s sure to be a cocktail recipe to inspire you.

Coca Cola

The classic American soft drink gets jazzed up in many original mixed drinks on the Coca-Cola& interactive website. These are just a few of the choices.

  • A Southern Summer: Made with Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, and Chambord, this sounds like the perfect backyard barbecue drink to go with grilled steaks and veggies.
  • Dirty Cherry Colada: Straight from the “Who comes up with these brilliant ideas?” department, this concoction mixes Coca-Cola with an assortment of ingredients, including cherry jam, for a dessert-like indulgence we can’t wait to try.
  • The Mocha Cola: Take a bit of cold brew coffee concentrate, a little cold foam, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, and ice, and you have a creamy and sippable cocktail. Don’t forget the chocolate syrup! 


Clean, crisp, and a little fruity, Sprite plays well with many liquors and flavors. 

  • Fresh Air: Stroll out to the front porch and enjoy a warm summer afternoon with this lightly sweetened and refreshing treat—a combination of orange flavors, gin, Campari, and Sprite.
  • Ho Ho Holiday Mule: Don’t wait for Christmas to try this minty, gingery blend of flavors. This Sprite-based take on the traditional Moscow Mule should be enjoyed all year.
  • Bloody Orange Margarita: The sweetness of this cocktail will complement spicy tacos, fiery salsas, and other south-of-the-border fare.


This citrusy soda is a fan-favorite. These concoctions are fizzy and fun—and definitely worth trying.

  • Bright and Brunchy: Fruit cereal topping on a cocktail? Why not? Mix up this fruity festival of flavor for a sweet accompaniment to eggs Benedict or a bagel spread with all the toppings. With eight ingredients, including Midori and grenadine, the Bright and Brunchy takes a little work, but that’s OK—there’s no rush when you’re enjoying a Sunday brunch.
  • Roses in Bloom: Welcome spring and its burst of aromatic flowers with this delicately flavored cocktail. Rose petals, sparkling wine, and cucumbers add an exhilarating touch, making this just the thing for a garden party.
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