Coastal Cowgirl Decor Is the Perfect Rustic Twist on Coastal Grandmother

Move over, coastal grandmother style: There’s a new nautically inspired decorating trend in town.

The rustic-farmhouse-meets-beachy-seashore coastal cowgirl aesthetic is taking over, just in time for warmer weather. This Western-inspired spin on traditional coastal styles is popping up everywhere in the fashion world ahead of the spring and summer months, and from past experience, we know fashion trends hold a heavy influence on what's to come in home decor trends, so we’re calling it: This California-cool-gone-West look is the next decor trend to watch.

a cherry paneled wall with a sun-like mirror and a curtain separator

Maximillian Kim-Bee

Don’t believe us? The coastal cowgirl aesthetic already has more than 7 billion views on TikTok alone. And while the coastal cowgirl theme may seem oddly specific, this curated look is just might offer that perfect charm you were looking to add to any room in your home.

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Think of last season’s coastal grandmother style, but with a western twang. By following this fresh aesthetic, you’ll be able to transform any room in your home into a western seaside oasis without having to pick up and move to the coast.

Here, we’ll dive into the key elements of coastal cowgirl style and how you can kick up your boots and lasso up what you need to curate a space like this of your own.

neutral tones paint colors and seashells
Carson Downing

Craft a Nature-Inspired Color Palette

The coastal cowgirl color scheme embraces an easy-going, slow-paced lifestyle. A harmony of whites, creams, blues, and browns will tie your space together. Draw inspiration from nature when picking out paint swatches and decor for your room. You can warm up cool, ocean-mimicking blues with rustic brown tones, and use warm beige, rich caramel, and other playful browns to channel both the sand and Western terrain. Incorporate a little dusty pink for contrast, and you’ll have a perfectly balanced final look.

coastal bedroom

Patrick Biller

Mix Materials and Textures

This trend is all about the perfect mix of light, natural materials anchored by rugged accents. Picture a linen dress and jean jacket finished off with your favorite pair of leather cowboy boots, then take that classic coastal cowgirl concept and apply it to the decor in your home. Combine delicate fabrics like cotton and linen with a country western flair of worn leather and reclaimed wood.

Lay a cowhide rug on the floor and hang your straw hats in an eye-catching display on the wall. Take advantage of your exposed ceiling beams and any other natural wood you have in your home to play up the rustic feel. Include a leather ottoman or leather chairs layered with denim pillows and cozy knits to channel the atmosphere of bundling up for a night under the stars (on the coast or in the wide-open West). For accents, your go-to materials should include rattan, wicker, and jute.

rustic office space

Edmund Barr

Personalize Your Space

Whether you’re ready to completely transform your space to fit the coastal cowgirl theme or simply want to add a few elements to your room, there are many ways to implement this trend into any space. Make this trend your own with one-of-a-kind finishing touches: Scour local antique stores and flea markets for vintage western knickknacks to add to your collection. Display goods that could have been found on a walk along the beach, like seashells, driftwood, sand dollars, starfish, and sea glass ... the options are endless.

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