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Clutter Detox: Get Organized in the New Year

Clutter: It's practically a household guarantee. As we accumulate stuff over time, cabinets begin to overflow, closets become cramped, and papers pile up. But with a few creative tricks (and plenty of custom storage solutions), getting organized can be made simple.

Whether you have 15 minutes to spare or 30 days to complete a total transformation, conquer clutter efficiently with our best organizing ideas for every room. Our expert advice will help you minimize the mess in your home's most challenging areas.

clutter detox get organized spotlight

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Get Organized with Our 30-Day Declutter Challenge

The start of a new year is the ideal time to declutter your home, but it can be a daunting task. If organizing your entire home feels overwhelming, our 30-day checklist can make the process more manageable. We’re sharing our best tips to help you kick clutter, for good. Whether you have an overflowing junk drawer, a messy closet, or piles of clothes shoved under the bed (or all three!), we’ll help you tackle your biggest problem areas one step at a time.

clutter detox get organized spotlight


Declutter Your Home Fast with These 15-Minute Organizing Tasks

Decluttering doesn't have to be intimidating. Instead, break it into quick, manageable tasks to ease the process. Learn how to conquer clutter room by room with our collection of 15-minute organizing ideas, including tips for tidying board games, bathroom supplies, baking sheets, and more. Schedule time for one or two each day to achieve a tidy home in less time.

clutter detox get organized spotlight


How to Get Rid of Practically Anything

Clear out clutter without filling the landfill. Once you've sorted your small items, arranged (and rearranged) your closets, and decluttered drawers, follow this guide to getting rid of unwanted items responsibly. Unless the items you're purging truly qualify as trash, don't let them end up in your local landfill. We'll help you sell, donate, recycle, or properly dispose of your unwanted stuff, post clutter cleanout.

clutter detox get organized spotlight

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19 Household Items You Should Probably Throw Out Now

We've all been there: You reach into the fridge only to find expired food or open kitchen cabinets to a stack of mismatched Tupperware. Clutter can quickly accumulate, and not everything is meant to last forever. Pinpointing past-their-prime items and getting rid of those you no longer need will help declutter your home. Free up storage space for the things you actually use with our guide to when and how you should get rid of common clutter culprits.

clutter detox get organized spotlight


The Top Storage and Organization Trends of 2023

While storage is a perennial household essential, the organizing industry is constantly evolving to bring you the latest and greatest ways to get your home in shape. And this year, there's no shortage of smart products and efficient organizing methods. In 2023, storage goes green with sustainable solutions, plus expect kitchen pantries to take center stage.

clutter detox get organized spotlight

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Our Best Storage Ideas for Every Small Item in Your Home

Sometimes the smallest stuff causes the biggest challenge when it comes to organizing your home. Piles of papers, half-empty beauty products, and drawers stuffed with mismatched utensils all play a part in how organized (or disorganized) your home appears. But now you can say goodbye to junk drawers, tangles of cords, and cluttered surfaces. Use these clever solutions to keep small items, like hair ties, jewelry, keys, and crafts supplies, organized and easy to find.

clutter detox get organized spotlight


How to Organize a Small House with Absolutely No Storage

No pantry? Zero closets? One kitchen cabinet? No problem. Don't let a lack of built-in storage stop you from getting organized. Even the tiniest homes can stay tidy with our best storage solutions for small spaces. Whether you choose to optimize vertical space, incorporate multifunctional furnishings, or adopt a "less is more" mindset, these organizing tips for tiny homes will transform even the tightest rooms.

clutter detox get organized spotlight


Get a Clutter-Free Home in One Day by Organizing These Messy Areas

Not every area in your home requires a total overhaul. If you only have a day to tidy up, focus on these seven essential spots to streamline messes and get organized in the new year. Choose just one trouble area, such as the entryway, fridge, or pantry, for a quick fix, or if you have more time on your hands, go through the entire list for a weekend makeover.

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