25 Closet Door Ideas for Every Design Style

Conceal clutter without straying from your design aesthetic with these clever closet solutions.

pink closet doors

Marty Baldwin

Closets are a necessary home storage component, but their bulky doors can be hard to work around when styling a room. The good news is, traditional doors aren't the only solution. We're sharing our best creative closet door ideas to help you add style and function to your space.

Whether it's a bedroom closet or a kitchen pantry, don't be afraid to embrace non-traditional options while keeping your things organized and out of sight. From bathrooms to mudrooms and everything in between, take inspiration from these clever closet door ideas.

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Glass Closet Doors

white shiplap room with glass built in closet


If a custom closet is something you're thinking about, consider including glass doors in lieu of open hanging or shelf space. This addition will give your closet a luxe look and keep your favorite wardrobe pieces in their best condition.

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Custom Cabinetry

bedroom with built in white closet

Paul Dyer 

An armoire can be converted into a statement-making closet with the addition of triangle trim. Adjacent to the shiplap walls and beadboard ceiling, it stands out rather than blending in with the rest of the bedroom.

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Home Office Closet

blue closet with shelves and desk

David A. Land

No one will suspect a work from home space lies just beyond this closet. Create your own "cloffice" and camouflage it behind bifold doors complete with Shaker-style molding and ornate knobs.

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Painted Closet Doors

bathroom with black vanity and green doors

Stacey Brandford

A classy black and white bathroom gets an unexpected detail by way of antique doors. Here, a set of repurposed doors, complete with arched window panes and a coat of green paint, have been converted into sliding barn doors as a focal point of the space.

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Mix and Match

gray closet door hiding office space

John Bessler

Keep things interesting in the bedroom by blending two different types of closet doors. A light gray barn door concealing the clothing closet and a standard white shuttered door that leads into a hideaway office complement each other well.

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Kitchen Pantry Doors

white kitchen with cutout pantry doors

John Granen

An impressive walk-in pantry should have equally impressive doors. The unique cutout design found on these closet door panels is more creative than anything you might cook up in the kitchen.

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Pink Closet Doors

pink closet doors

Marty Baldwin

Whether you're embracing the millennial pink trend or jumping on board with Barbiecore, you can't go wrong with a pop of bright pink. Painting your bedroom closet doors in this happy hue is bound to put a smile on your face each time you get dressed.

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Mirrored Closet Doors

white mudroom with mirrored doors


Instead of traditional glass, opt for mirrors on the outside of your coat closet doors. Not only is it a stunning sight for guests when they enter your home, you can easily check your reflection in a full length mirror one last time before heading out of the house.

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Concealed Coffee Station

white pantry closet with coffee and mugs

Brie Williams

Indulge in a slow morning routine by brewing your hot drink of choice in your at-home coffee bar. When you're finished, close up shop by keeping the coffee station tucked behind a pair of understated, yet classic, closet doors.

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Blue Closet Doors

wide closet turned into desk space with blue doors

Kritsada Panichgul

The kids might actually want to do their homework in this closet turned study space. To get the look, paint barn doors a vibrant shade of blue to coordinate with the blue and white patterned wallpaper that’s revealed when they’re open.

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Functional Closet Zones

white closets with laundry and pantry

Julie Soefer

Keeping household zones, such as the laundry room and pantry, behind closet doors is one way to keep things contained and tidy. If you’re outgrowing the storage space, consider adding storage inside the doors as well, such as these mounted racks for overflow pantry goods.

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Open Concept Storage

white room with wood closet doors


Considering how beautiful the adjacent bathroom French doors are, it’s appropriate to keep the closet space understated. Instead of installing another set of doors, a singular T rod lets your favorite outfit serve as the visual entrance.

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Sliding Barn Door

blue closet with white doors

Kimberly Gavin

For a large open concept closet, consider installing a barn door to gain some partial privacy. When you’re getting dressed or want to hide clutter out of sight, simply slide the closet door to one side or the other.

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Custom Closet Trim

white bedroom with closet doors and wood drawers

Shaun Sullivan

A wall of closets in a formal living room doesn’t have to look stuffy. Give the doors some subtle personality with uniform trim in the shape of an X within squares.

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Built-In Closets

bedroom with built in closets


A built-in closet next to your bed deserves some extra attention when it comes to design. Opt for a combination of closet doors, drawers, and flip-lift cabinets to keep the design interesting while providing functional storage space.

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Classic Closet Doors

white bedroom with large purple bed

Victoria Pearson

A colorful bedroom scheme is balanced with all-white closet doors that line a full wall. They’re given a bit of character with black iron handles and hinges, including corners that are made to look like brackets to frame them.

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Concealing with Cane

white closet doors with mesh

Robert Brinson

Cane furniture is a popular choice right now because of its low maintenance and sustainability. Consider using it in your closets by opting for cane-covered doors, adding an airiness to any room.

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Add Unique Trim

white closet doors with white chair

John Merkl

Give your bedroom a luxe look—and protect your cherished clothing and accessories—by adding geometric paneled doors with satin nickel knobs to the outside of the wardrobe closet.

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Creative Closet Doors

blue green office area with cat cutout on door

Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Invite a cute coworker to keep you company while working at this craft station. This sewing room closet has a small cutout in the shape of a cat so your furry friend can come and go as they please.

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Laundry Room Doors

laundry room with wood barn doors

Werner Straube Photography

Romanticize the task of laundry by incorporating statement doors leading into the room. Oversized double rustic barn doors are striking to see and simultaneously hide away the chores on days off.

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Tuck Toiletries Away

white bathroom with closet

Jessica Klewicki Glynn

Avoid countertop clutter by organizing products into the bathroom closet. A sliding pocket door keeps toiletries, and even a hamper for towels or clothes, out of sight but still accessible.

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Neutral Closet Doors

gray bedroom with large wood bed

Laura Moss Photography

This nature-inspired bedroom gets a luxe flair from the four poster bed and oversized branch sculpture in the corner. Ordinary off-white double closet doors tone down the space and help break up the eclectic wallpaper, so it doesn't overwhelm the room.

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Simple Shiplap

white shiplap room with closet doors and hanging chair


Coastal cowgirl style is one of the most popular home decor trends right now. It’s casual in nature, so if you’re embracing it, keep your space simple. Shiplap running along the walls and continuing across the closet doors will create the seamless look you’re aiming for.

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Ventilated Closet Doors

orange wall with white closets and white bed

Ed Gohlich

This beachside bungalow evokes a feeling of airy relaxation. The bedroom incorporates the same element with cheerfully bright walls and ventilated closet doors. This bypassing louver style allows air to flow inside the closet, even when the doors are shut.

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Closet Curtains

closet with curtains instead of doors

Jay Wilde

When you don't have space or budget for fancy closet doors, a pair of curtains works just as well. Hang a set of curtains in front of a recessed closet space to cover up visual clutter and add color or pattern to the space.

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