Wreaths for a Holiday Door

Rustic Touch Wreath
Welcome holiday guests with a heartwarming and beautiful handmade Christmas wreath hanging on the front door. These wreath ideas, ranging from traditional evergreen to modern yarn wreaths, will have you crafting the perfect door decoration for your home in no time.

Pine-and-Berry Wreath

A pretty plaid bow sets off a traditional red-and-green wreath. Start with a 12-inch grapevine wreath and tuck in pine sprays and red berry stems.

Birch Branch Wreath

Let some of a wispy birch branch base show through -- we like adding decorative bells, small pincones, and fir sprays for a cottage feel.

Traditional Swag Christmas Wreath

Some wreaths go 'round; this one goes down. Try a swag wreath on your front door for something different this Christmas.

Dimensional Grapevine Wreath

Opt for the unexpected with a pretty wreath that's simple but looks stunning. An oversize bow and natural tuck-ins turn a grapevine wreath form into a work of art.

Picture-Perfect Pinecone Holiday Wreath

Painted red pinecones offer a dashing look for your holiday front door, complete with evergreen boughs, a bright bow, and a Christmas card in the middle. You can start with a plain pinecone wreath, simply use red metallic spray paint to get the pictured look. Tie a classic bow around the wreath with wide ribbon, then tuck in evergreen boughs and faux berries underneath to secure.

Editor's Tip: Laminate the card in the middle of the wreath to help it last throughout the season.

Leaves-and-Pinecones Fall Wreath

Make a gorgeous wreath that can hang on your door from Halloween through Christmas, like this brown-and-gold arrangement. Wire dried artichokes, lotus pods, and pinecones to the center bottom of a grapevine wreath. Tuck brown- and gold-hue leaves between the wreath's twigs, securing with hot glue if needed.

These easy Christmas wreaths would look great on your door, on a window, or hung from a mirror above your Christmas mantel.

Video: Learn How to Make Easy Christmas Wreaths

Create your own front door decor with these simple-to-create Christmas wreaths.

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Snowflake Door Wreath

One way to make your holiday front door stand out is through strategic use of color. White is always a good contrast, particularly to dark or bright colors. Here, wooden snowflake cutouts are spray-painted white and hot-glued on top of each other. A wide double ribbon -- one layer white, one red to coordinate with the door -- adds a simple, elegant finish.

Curled Paper Christmas Wreath

Craft a holiday wreath from rolled scrapbook paper strips to make a Christmas keepsake. To make, curl 1x6-inch strips of patterned paper by tightly wrapping them around a pencil. Use liquid glue to secure the end of each curl into a loop, then hot-glue the paper loops to an 8-inch florist's foam circle. Alternate the colors and patterns to create a burst of holiday color, then glue on small photos for a personal touch. Hang the wreath with a red plaid ribbon.

White Yarn Christmas Wreath

Make small rosettes from felt and add pearl-bead centers to add festive cheer to this simple wreath form wrapped in white yarn. It's a great addition to any bright or dark-color front door.

Wreath of Leaves

Adorn your door with this surprisingly simple autumn wreath. Gather leaves and dry them, or purchase pliable dried leaves from a crafts store, then use small scissors to cut a slit in the center of each. String each leaf onto a wire wreath form, then hang with a festive ribbon and additional leaves.

Pussy Willow Wreath

For simple and striking wreaths that will last, turn to pussy willow trimmings. The soft buds add velvety texture, while the branches give this holiday wreath great shape. To make, bundle your collected branches and attach to the wreath base using covered wire. Save extra trimmings for filling in any gaps between bunches.

Merry Moss Wreath

The rich beauty of chartreuse moss is a perfect holiday accent to a red or dark-color front door. Create the nontraditional wreath from florist's foam, then pin moss and holiday balls in the design you like best.

Front Door Holiday Greetings

Greet your guests with a merry message. The letters that spell "Happy Holidays" are twine-wrapped wooden cutouts; however, crafts stores will have other options for your holiday sentiment. 

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