Wreaths for a Country Christmas

Craft a charming country-style wreath, the perfect finishing touch for your Thanksgiving or Christmas decor.

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Silver Stars

star wreath on gate

Put some sparkle in your outdoor decorations with this small, sparkly wreath. Add a spray of silver chenille stems and precut wood stars to an evergreen circle. Wrap a length of bead garland loosely around the bottom, and add stars with holes drilled into them for hanging. Wire the chenille stems into the greenery.

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Boxwood Square

IMWreaths_Square Green Leaf and Twig Wreath On White Trellis

Fresh or dried, Boxwood sprigs make a classic wreath that looks good year-round. Make the wreath yourself, or buy it fresh and let it dry to sage green perfection. Garnish with simple ribbons or bows of your choice.

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Star Your Collectibles

IMWreaths_Pine Wreath Mail Holder On White Picket Fence

Vintage pieces like this picnic container are a natural with fresh holiday greens. We've used ours as an impromptu mailbox, but it could also display an armful of holly or small wrapped gifts.

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Green Apples

IMWreaths_Green Apple Wreath On Red Barn

A fresh green apple wreath looks even more vibrant when hung on the side of a red barn. When made of fresh fruit, the wreath can be extremely heavy and perishable. However, artificial fruit can be substituted to make a long-lasting version with faux greenery.

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Holly Jolly

IMWreaths_Holly Berry Wreath Hanging On Blue Folding Chair

Holly wreaths make a definite holiday statement. Artificial berry clusters were added to this one since the real berries tend to dry and drop off.

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Berry Red

berry wreath on foot railing

A bevy of red berries wired to a grapevine wreath form create a burst of holiday color. Choose any size wreath and any color of faux berries from the crafts store to make this cheery decoration.

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Twigs and Berries

IMWreaths_Silver and Pearl Christmas Ball Twig Wreath

Faux berry wreaths are a great look for country interiors. Yet they can also be used as a base for ornaments, bows, and other decorations. We've added twigs, dried flowers, holiday ornaments, and sheer ribbon bows to create a vision in white.

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Mossy Branches

Lichen Covered Wreath

Four interesting lichen-covered branches are wired together to make a rustic square wreath that's simply garnished with reindeer moss and a few sprigs of holly.

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Beribboned Circle

IMWreaths_Gold Floral Ring Wreath

A cabin window is transformed into an elegantly pretty holiday scene with this wreath. First, spray paint a wreath form with gold paint or wind it with golden ribbon. Next wire on a swag of silk leaves and flowers at the top and a tiny nosegay at the bottom. Or simply use hot glue to attach the decorations directly to the wreath.

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Stuffed Candy Canes

IMWreaths_Vintage Christmas Pine Wreath With Stuffed Candy Canes

This homeowner's passion is fabric -- a hobby that's been incorporated into her holiday wreath as well. Three fabric candy canes and red plaid bows are important enough to be the only decorations for this artificial pine wreath.

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Berried in Splendor

Picture Frame Berry Wreath

Red berries are a natural for the holidays. This moss-covered wreath form is unadorned save for a proliferation of berry branches that frost it in country style.

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Cowboy Stars


Go country by adding a cowhide leather bow, toy sheriff's stars, and little boot and spurs to a 15-inch wire circle.

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Add Fresh Touches

IMWreaths_Red Berry Clustered Wreath

Even an artificial berry wreath like this one will look better with fresh leaf sprigs stuck in here and there. The complementary contrast of red and green makes each color more vibrant.

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Herbed Wreath

IMWreaths_Heart Shape Wreath Above Log Chair

A moss-covered base plays host to a variety of tiny plants and herbs in a living wreath you can make any time of year.

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Only Moss

Puffed Star Shaped Wreath

Dried sheet moss is inexpensive and adaptable. We've glued it to a unique wreath form we made using aerosol foam insulation, sculpted to create a star shape that will last through fall and beyond.

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Starring Snowflakes

Snowflake Wreath

A close look reveals that this snowflake was created from the tips of fresh evergreen branches. Wired together in the center, the shape gets a snowy look from a shot of canned artificial snow and clear glitter applied before hanging.

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For the Birds


A pair of artificial birds perch happily on this tiny twig wreath. The only other embellishment are sprigs of white berries.

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IMWreaths_Red Christmas Ornaments Pine Wreath Hanging On Banister
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