Square Boxwood Wreath

Whether it's for yourself or for guests, greenery makes a bedroom more festive.

What You Need:

Add holiday flair to a bedroom.
  • Chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • 12-inch square flat wooden frame
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Work gloves and safety glasses (optional)
  • Sphagnum moss
  • 24-gauge floral wire
  • Misting bottle and water
  • Fresh boxwood
  • 4- to 6-inch-wide ribbon for hanging


1. Cut chicken wire. Cut four 12 x 18-inch pieces, then staple one 12-inch side of each piece to one side of the frame. For protection, you may want to wear gloves and safety glasses when working with chicken wire.

2. Add moss and secure. Tightly pack the chicken wire with moss. Pull the chicken wire over the frame so the entire frame is covered with a roll of moss. Staple the free end of the chicken wire to the frame. Using floral wire, bind the corners and any other loose areas closed.

3. Shape the chicken wire into an even shape with square corners. Wind floral wire around the entire frame and chicken wire structure to make it more stable and to hold the moss in place. Mist the moss to soften it.

4. Cut and add boxwood. Cut to 6-inch lengths, then strip leaves from the bottom 2 inches. Tuck boxwood sprigs through chicken wire and into moss. Work your way around the frame, making sure each piece of boxwood covers the base of the previous piece. As the moss dries, mist it to make inserting boxwood easier. The boxwood should be packed tightly so no moss or stems show. Trim ends so the shape is even.

5. Reinforce the wreath. Wrap the wreath with floral wire, tucking the wire under the boxwood sprigs. To hang the wreath, wrap a wide ribbon completely around the top of the frame.


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