Make a Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath

A gorgeous eucalyptus wreath is the perfect base wreath for any season or decor style. We'll show you how to create the perfect wreath of eucalyptus branches and how to build on it with seasonal accents.

A wreath of seeded eucalyptus branches is pretty, but it's also versatile! It's the perfect way to decorate for any season; create the perfectly-sized wreath for your space, and then add accents that match your decor. Tuck sprigs of berries, pinecones, and even felt flowers into the wreath to create the perfect custom piece.

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What You'll Need

  • Seeded eucalyptus 
  • Floral or greenery embellishments
  • Embroidery hoop 
  • Floral wire or floral tape  
  • Ribbon 
  • Scissors 
  • Seasonal accessories

Step 1: Attach Eucalyptus

We love seeded eucalpytus becuase it has pretty, full leaves as well as a natural color variation in the seeds and stems. To create the base wreath, father several eucalyptus branches and use floral wire to attach them at the stems. Make several bunches and layer them over the top of a wood embroidery hoop. Use more floral wire (or floral tape) to attach each bundle to the hoop, overlapping the bundles to hide the stems. When you've attached bundles all the way around, fill in any empty areas with additional branches.

Step 2: Add embellishments

When you've covered the wreath form with eucalyptus, choose a few embellishments to add to the wreath. Go all-natural and add sprigs of berries, leaves and pinecones, or go for more crafty elements, like felt flowers. This is the perfect opportunity to pull in colors from your existing decor. If you're hanging the wreath inside, choose embellishments that tie in to other elements in the room. If you're hanging your creation on the front door, consider adding colors or flowers that match the plants on your porch. 

Step 3: Hang!

Use a ribbon or large decorative hook to display the wreath on your front door. If you're displaying the wreath indoors and don't have a permanent hook available to hang it from, use a removeable hook and rest the back of the embroidery hoop on it; since the greenery is attached to the front of the hoop, you can easily hide a temporary hanging device! We love the idea of continually adding to the wreath, even after it has been hung! 


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