No artificial materials here. Use all real plants for a picture-perfect fresh Christmas wreath. Your holiday guests will love the pine fragrance!

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This fresh evergreen wreath is the real deal. Gather fresh evergreen sprigs and berries to create this lively and festive decor for your front door. To keep your fresh wreath green and healthy, gently remove it from wherever it's hung. Use a spray bottle to mist it once a week and let it dry completely before putting it back in its place.

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detail of holiday wreath hanging on exterior door

How to Make a Real Christmas Wreath

Supplies Needed

  • Pruning shears
  • Fir branches
  • Pine branches
  • Cedar branches
  • Juniper branches
  • Winterberry branches
  • Clamp-style wreath form

Step 1: Assemble Evergreen Bundles

To start assembling your real Christmas wreath, gather a few stems of fir in your hand as a base—since fir is the largest and most stiff type of evergreen used in this wreath, it makes a great foundation for the rest of the plants you'll be adding. Layer on pine and cedar, and place juniper on top. Hold the bundle of evergreens at the bottom of the stems to keep it in place.

Step 2: Add Winterberry for Color

Top off the bundle of evergreens with stems of winterberry. Add as many stems as desired—just be sure to use fewer evergreen branches if you'd prefer more winterberry in your wreath; you don't want your bundles to get too thick to sit comfortably on the wreath form.

Step 3: Place Bundles on Wreath Form and Clamp

Place the wreath form on a flat surface. Lay a bundle along the curve of the form. Secure bundle in place by pushing down the clamps around it. Continue adding bundles around the wreath form, clamping along the way. Editor's Tip: If you're using a wreath form that doesn’t have clamps, use green floral wire to secure bundles to the form.

Optional: Attach Cones, Pods, and Berries

Customize your real Christmas wreath however you'd like: Embellish the wreath with real pinecones, dried seed pods, and berries. In the spirit of Christmas, the more the merrier!

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December 2, 2018
Where can Winterberry branches be found if you don't have a bush in your yard? How can a non-professional shop at wholesale florists??