56 DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas for Every Holiday Style

Learn how to make a Christmas wreath using greenery, ornaments, and more.

wreath pink crepe paper-covered foam balls wall
Photo: Adam Albright

Deck the halls with these gorgeous Christmas wreaths that will bring holiday cheer to your winter decor. Christmas wreaths are often made with fir, but we share creative wreath inspiration for everyone looking to make their own Christmas wreath this season. Whether you prefer a farmhouse style, natural elements, classic red and green, or plenty of bells and baubles, these homemade Christmas wreath ideas have all the inspiration you need to update your front door for the holiday season.

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DIY Flocked Wreath

flocked frosted flakes wreath

Amy Batog

If your ideal holiday looks like the interior of a snow globe, this DIY wreath is for you. Start by flocking your wreath with flocking powder. Garnish foam balls or different-sized ornaments with faux snow, glitter, or flocking powder, then attach them to the wreath with florists wire. Finish by attaching snowflakes for a guaranteed white Christmas.

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Southern Shimmer

golden magnolia wreath

Amy Batog

This DIY evergreen wreath looks formal but comes together quickly. Dress up magnolia leaves, pinecones, and nuts in gilded holiday finery. Use gold spray paint to cover these embellishments and attach them to your wreath using florist wire and hot glue. To make clusters of leaves and pinecones easier to attach to the wreath, hot-glue a wooden skewer to each one.

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Winter Woodland

woodland cardinal wreath

Amy Batog

Cardinals symbolize love and devotion; what better way to welcome friends than with a wreath brimming with them? Create a festive, frosted DIY Christmas wreath by coating berries in spray adhesive and dipping them in glass glitter. Once the glitter has dried, attach the branches, a few faux nests, and birds evenly throughout. Finish the look with a bow made of wide red satin ribbon.

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Coastal Charm

coastal wreath

Amy Batog

Covered in gifts from the sea, this DIY coastal wreath sets a serene scene for any who come ashore. Hot-glue wooden skewers onto the back of tiny round ornaments that resemble pearls and seashells, as well as sand dollars and starfish covered in green and blue glitter. Attach the accessories throughout the wreath using hot glue or florists wire, then hot-glue driftwood to the bottom half. Use a blue spruce wreath to truly carry the ocean color scheme.

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Farmhouse Wreath

Door wreath made of branches and white berries
Jay Wilde

This DIY white berry wreath starts with an inexpensive grapevine wreath. Simply weave cut artificial berry stems through the form and secure with florists wire. Finish the rustic wreath with a simple blue velvet ribbon bow and hang your wreath using a removable hook.

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Fresh Succulent Christmas Wreath

holiday wreath embroidery hoops succulents merry door
Marty Baldwin

Gorgeous and fresh succulents during the holidays are a perfect winter welcome. Usher guests into your home for Christmas by displaying a double-hooped display of succulents. It's oh-so-simple to make your own Christmas wreath like this—just secure the succulents using floral pins and accentuate with winter berries and greenery. For the best homemade wreath, add a simple sign with a bit of Christmas cheer.

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Farmhouse Wood Slice Wreath

winter farmhouse wood slice wreath decor
Jason Donnelly

Add to your existing farmhouse Christmas decor with this easy DIY wreath. Use hot glue to attach plain wood slices to a wreath form, then accessorize with a plaid bow. Finish the look with flocked pinecones hung from the center with string.

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Copper Hula-Hoop Christmas Wreath

oversize Christmas wreath made of hula hoops hanging between windows outside
Carson Downing

The homemade wreath idea perfectly combines inexpensive yet elegant, and guests will never guess what it's made from. Take two hula hoops and transform them with copper spray paint. Tie greenery like pine, eucalyptus, and lamb's ear to the wreath (though we recommend using faux greenery for a homemade wreath to last from year to year) then finish with a holiday bow. This larger-than-life Christmas wreath makes the best accent piece on an outer wall or fence.

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Pink Bauble Wreath

wreath pink crepe paper-covered foam balls wall
Adam Albright

If you love pink Christmas decor, this DIY wreath is the perfect statement piece to add to your collection. To make it, attach crepe paper-covered balls to a pretty greenery wreath, alternating colors and sizes all the way around. Since the balls are covered in paper, we don't recommend hanging this one outside on the front door, but it makes a gorgeous statement over the mantel.

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Chalkboard Christmas Wreath

chalkboard-backed wreath wall table volkswagen snow globe
Anthony Masterson

Affix a piece of chalkboard to the back of your holiday wreath and write a festive message on the front. Add a simple Christmas bow and you're done! This homemade Christmas wreath is easy to make your own, and kids will love adding holiday greetings or updating Christmas countdowns as the season arrives.

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Ornament Wreath

boxwood berry wreath with ribbon and decoupage spheres
Jason Donnelly

Crafting these decoupaged Christmas ornaments is the perfect project to use up that stash of scraps from old rolls of wrapping paper. Punctuate the arrangement with a scattering of faux berries from the botanical aisle of the crafts supply store. A candy-striped pom-pom bow is a finishing touch for this pretty-as-a-present faux boxwood wreath.

Editor's Tip: To decoupage ornaments, cut strips of paper, then brush Mod Podge onto a portion of the ornament and on paper strips. Press and repeat until the ornament is covered, then brush on a top coat of decoupage and let dry. Use florists wire to secure ornaments to the wreath.

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Tinsel Wreath

multi-colored tinsel wreath
Marty Baldwin

This isn't your ordinary tinsel wreath! This more-is-more display starts with a basic sparkly wreath, but gets a bold upgrade from as many ornaments, bottlebrush trees, pinecones, and accessories as possible. Use hot glue to attach everything, using crafts wire on extra heavy ornaments as well.

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Gold Hoop Greenery Wreaths

Make simple and modern holiday wreaths using gold macrame hoops and foraged greenery.
Alice & Lois

Transform plain gold hoops into a trio of hanging Christmas wreaths. Finish each with a bunch of seasonal greenery, pinecones, and bright berries. Hang these wreaths from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

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Pom-Pom Wreath

pom-pom wreath with house and trees
Marty Baldwin

This snowy scene comes together with a few skeins of yarn and some small mantel decor items. Make a whole set of DIY pom-poms in white and cream, then use hot glue to attach them to a plain wreath form. Accessorize with mini bottlebrush trees and a small house figure, and use a sparkly ribbon to hang it on the front door or over the mantel.

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Red Flower Wreath

red oval Christmas wreath with evergreen, berries, flowers and radish
Edmund Barr

With an oval floral oasis as a base, this lush wreath is easy to create. Simply soak the oasis until it's fully wet, then tuck in stems of flowers, berries, and greens trimmed to 3- to 4-inch lengths, clustering each type into free-flowing waves of color. The surprise element here is the radish; wire small bunches to a floral pick and insert the pick. We also used amaryllis, spray and garden roses, protea, Hypericum berries, and mixed evergreens.

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Christmas Tree Wreath

christmas tree mini wreaths red door bow
Kim Cornelison

Tired of the same old circular Christmas wreath? Craft your own creative Christmas tree-shaped wreath. Lay small cedar wreaths in a triangle tree shape and attach together with green craft wire. Add a "trunk" at the bottom, constructed from a few sticks cut to the same length. Hang from a pretty ribbon tied into a classic bow.

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Felt Poinsettia Wreath

eucalyptus wreath with felt poinsettias
Jason Donnelly

Perhaps even more than mistletoe, the poinsettia is the holiday plant. For an alternative to the traditional plants, we made felt poinsettia flowers. Arrange them on a faux eucalyptus wreath and secure with florists wire to add lush, everlasting greenery to your holiday decor.

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Metallic Magnolia Wreath

metallic leaves wreath striped wall
Adam Albright

Painted magnolia leaves shine in this pretty Christmas wreath. Paint leaves silver, gold, and champagne for a luxe metallic look. This handmade wreath is perfect for displaying throughout the holiday season.

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Pretty Pastel Wreath

white puffy rainbow wreath hanging on pastel pink door
Marty Baldwin

Break out the nontraditional colors for this year's holiday decor! Pastel mini ornaments and bottlebrush trees pop against this white DIY pom-pom wreath. Make your own pom-poms with string, then hot-glue them to an embroidery hoop to form the base.

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Pretty Pinecone Christmas Wreath

spray-painted pine cone red bells wreath door
Greg Scheidemann

Simple materials get a textural upgrade, thanks to a little dose of white spray paint to reference a dusting of snow. Vary the coverage of spray paint so some pinecones are fully "snow-covered" and others are lightly dusted. Let dry. Use 8-inch pieces of florist's wire to attach pinecones to a wire wreath form. Hot-glue red jingle bells to the wreath, placing most of them on the full-white pinecones to help the color pop.

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DIY Red Berry Wreath

berry and wood wreath with bow on blue door
Marty Baldwin

This handmade red berry wreath adds a cheery pop of color to your holiday front porch. Get the look by updating a basic grapevine wreath with seasonal red berries and an oversize bow. Make it even merrier and add small greenery branches or ball ornaments.

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Twig Christmas Wreath

painted grapevine twig wreath pine cones candles
Joseph Keller

Paint a grapevine wreath white (or start with a white wreath). Give a few pinecones a light coat of white spray paint and let dry. Attach the longest sticks to the wreath with a glue gun and fill in with smaller pieces, gluing in place as needed. Spray the whole wreath with light coat of white paint, allowing some of the natural color to show through. Glue on the pinecones, tie on a jute ribbon bow, and add a few cedar sprigs behind the bow.

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Red Berry Traditional Wreath

traditional red berry wreath bow lanterns outdoors
John Granen

Start with a basic store-bought fir wreath and tuck in branches of berries and faux greenery to create an overstuffed yet beautiful DIY Christmas wreath. Keep it casual with unmeasured berry twigs (some long, some short), and a loose, imperfect red bow. Match the colors in the wreath to your holiday decor for a cohesive palette.

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Almond Flower Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath almonds berries flowers bookshelf
Joseph Keller

Spare a handful of almonds from the nutcracker and repurpose them as a Christmas wreath embellishment instead. Arrange the nuts in flower shapes and use a hot glue gun to attach them to a moss wreath (our wreath is accented with grapevine). Add a cranberry to the center of each flower and finish with simple red cording bow.

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Greenery Wreath

DIY lush faux greenery wreath
Jay Wilde

Make your own Christmas wreath using greenery. Start with a basic grapevine wreath, then tuck in sprigs of faux eucalyptus, dusty miller, and more. Display it through the holiday season and into spring; this long-lasting wreath can be customized with your favorite faux flowers, berries, and ribbon.

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Metallic Magnolia Wreath

metallic magnolia wreath crop
Joe Keller

Embellish a store-bought magnolia leaf wreath with metallic spray paint and twigs. Spray-paint the wreath silver, letting some of the leaves' green and brown hues to show through. (We used a 24-inch wreath.) Let the paint dry. Cut white branches into 8-inch and 15-inch lengths. Following the wreath's curves, insert the branches in the wreath.

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Homemade Skate Wreath

homemade ice skate berries wreath door
John Granen

Repurpose an out-of-commission pair of skates as a DIY wreath for your front door. Just fill the boots with sprigs of greenery and holly berries. Hang up the skates on a door or mantel using ribbon and hooks.

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Nut Wreath

Wreath of nut shells with pumpkins
Adam Albright

Create a gorgeous holiday wreath with your favorite seasonal snack. Stock up on mixed nuts from the bulk bin and glue them to a wreath form. Add texture by cracking some nuts before adding to the Christmas wreath.

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Winter Mesh Wreath

light blue door with gauze wreath and knick-knacks
Jacob Fox

This handmade holiday wreath can be made in under an hour. Create your own DIY mesh wreath using a wide ribbon and a wire wreath form. We used ornaments and bottle brush trees to complete our wreath but try adding faux greenery or berries to customize your decor.

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Natural Christmas Wreath

natural christmas wreath red door crop
Michael Partenio

A collection of nature's seasonal bounty—pinecones, seeds, shells, sticks, berries, and nuts—provides the materials for this textured wreath. To make, purchase a foam wreath form and hot-glue miscellaneous items around the wreath, varying placement and color for visual interest.

Editor's Tip: Assemble the pinecone Christmas wreath first with the flattest elements (like moss), ending with three-dimensional statement pieces (like pods). Hang the wreath a few times during assembly and step back to decide which piece to fill in next.

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Homemade Forest Wreath

homemade forest moss birds wreath
Joe Keller

Turn a mossy wreath into a woodland tableaux. Choose twigs with interesting lines and forked details. Beginning at the top, place the thickest twigs in a nice pattern so they follow the curve of the wreath. Secure with florists U pins. Fill in with smaller twigs tucked or pinned in place. Wire a few birds to the wreath. Tie a piece of ribbon to use as a hanger around the top of the wreath, and attach a bow with a wire.

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Fruit-Harvest Wreath

fruit harvest apples limes pine cones wreath
Jay Wilde

A pretty collection of greens and bright colors puts the focus on pretty fruits. To create, purchase a wire wreath form. Use florists wire to attach real or faux apples to the wreath, inserting the wire end into the bottom of the apple and wrapping around the wreath. Add an inner layer of limes using the same method, and an outer layer of pinecones, too. Insert greenery as needed to fill in gaps and to add fullness to the pinecone Christmas wreath.

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Christmas Wreath Greetings

christmas wreath wooden greeting crop
Alise O'Brien

Make a statement with your wreath this year by hanging an oversize wooden cutout greeting on the front of your wreath. Use a bright white paint color and silver glitter to customize the phrase and help it pop against the backdrop. Attach silver ornament accents to finish the metallic wreath.

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Color Pop Pinecone Wreath

color pop pinecone wreath mirror crop
Bryan McCay

Give your Christmas wreath a retro look with a few brightly colored elements. Purchase a fir wreath and spray-paint it lightly and evenly with white paint. Add bright colored accents—a few pinecones spray-painted in bright hues and miniature holiday ornaments—and hang with a ribbon.

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Dried Citrus Wreath

DIY dried citrus fruit wreath
Adam Albright

Slices of dried citrus shine in this pretty DIY holiday wreath. We'll show you how to make dried glittered fruits (it's easier than you think!). Make a big batch and use them in crafts, potpourri, and DIY decor. Finish your cheery wreath with a classic yellow bow.

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Paper Flower Christmas Wreath

gold paper flower christmas wreath crop
David A. Land

Simple paper flowers are a fun way to dress up a basic evergreen wreath. Make flowers in various shapes and sizes and attach with wire. The flowers on this Christmas wreath were made from brown kraft paper and dusted with glitter for a touch of sparkle.

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Fragrant Laurel Christmas Wreath

fragrant horseshoe laurel pink bow christmas wreath
Greg Scheidemann

A classic wreath form, the laurel, gets a fragrant twist with fresh rosemary. Hot-glue the inner and outer rings of a 14-inch wooden quilting hoop together; let dry. Cut an 8-inch section from the top of the glued-together hoop. Use florists wire to attach rosemary bunches to the sides of the hoop and sprigs to the front. Glue a bow to the bottom center of the wreath; dust with faux snow if desired.

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Driftwood Christmas Wreath

driftwood christmas wreath ribbon crop
David Tsay

Glued around a foam form, odds and ends of driftwood become a naturally beautiful wall accent. Collect pieces of wood and hot glue around the wreath form, filling in with smaller pieces as needed to cover the form. Hang with a simple wide ribbon.

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Fir Wreath with Ornaments and Leaves

fir wreath ornaments leaves ribbon crop
David Tsay

Give an elegant design boost to a classic evergreen wreath. Glittery holiday balls and spray-painted bay leaves supply a golden gloss. Choose a silky ribbon in a complementary color to bring together both the Christmas wreath accents and the greenery.

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Boxwood Blue Christmas Wreath

square boxwood blue christmas wreath
Greg Scheidemann

This boxwood beauty is an elegant way to break outside the circle. The chilly blue wreath starts with a purchased square boxwood wreath and finishes with mini ornaments and glittering sugar beads.

For the Christmas bows: Top your wreath with a handmade bow! Cut eight strips of ribbon long enough to wrap around the wreath. Lay out two pieces of ribbon in an X-shape. Wrap a small length of florists wire around the middle of each X; twist ends together in back to secure. Nestle wire into the wreath. Make three more bows using the ribbon strips. Hot-glue the embellishments on to finish.

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Perfectly Paired Christmas Wreaths

perfectly paired doubled two christmas wreaths crop
David A. Land

Why stop at just one wreath? Link two wreaths together to form a topiary-like look on your front door. Hang the wreaths on their own hooks for stability, but tie a ribbon from one wreath to the next so they look like one cohesive Christmas wreath.

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Vintage Christmas Wreath

vintage christmas wreath ornaments crop
Greg Scheidemann

Give mini Christmas balls a little extra oomph by placing them in the center of vintage tree light reflectors. Attach the ultra-shiny ornaments and additional balls to the wreath using florists wire, then hang with a ribbon in an unexpected color, such as dusty pink or mint green.

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Window Christmas Wreath

leafy christmas wreath windowpanes crop
Tria Giovan

Yes, the wreath is important, but sometimes, it's what you pair with the wreath that makes the ultimate Christmas statement. Here an unadorned leafy wreath is supported by a pair of old windows creating a gorgeous combination that's both vintage and festive.

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Cute Santa Wreath

cute retro traditional santa wreath red door
Jay Wilde

Every knock on your front door will be jollier than ever with this snazzy Santa wreath. Bedazzle a fresh or faux evergreen wreath with a vintage toy Santa, using twist ties to nestle him in. On one side, add a colorful assortment of ornaments and a wide ribbon bow on the other.

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Faux Succulent Wreath

faux succulent flowers twigs wreath
Jay Wilde

This nontraditional DIY Christmas wreath gets pops of yellow and orange from faux flowers. An inexpensive grapevine wreath forms the base. Accent it with greenery and twigs for a holiday wreath that lasts from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve.

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Citrus Grapevine Christmas Wreath

sparkling citrus grapevine christmas wreath
Greg Scheidemann

This season, we're sweet on citrus. Make artificial citrus fruit sparkle with a swipe of glue and a sprinkling of German glass glitter. Once dry, glue onto an 18-inch grapevine wreath. Tuck in fresh or faux citrus leaves; glue in place to secure.

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Frosty Blue Wreath

frosty blue pine cone wreath crop
Michael Garland

The luster of silvery ornaments makes any amount of evergreen stand out in this Christmas wreath with pine cones and berries. Using florists wire, attach silver-sprayed pinecones to an evergreen wreath. Add a mix of medium and large silver glass ornaments, using florists wire to secure. For elegant pops of blue or teal, tuck in small ornaments.

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Curled Paper Christmas Wreath

red green photo curled paper wreath
Adam Albright

Give your holiday wreath personal charm with family photos and hand-selected scrapbook paper. To craft, curl 1x6-inch strips of paper and wrap them tightly around a pencil, then glue the ends together. Once dry, hot-glue the paper circles onto an 8-inch florists foam circle at various angles. Play with patterns and prints to give your wreath pops of holiday color and cheer.

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Leather Hoop Wreath

minimalist winter wreath with wrapped hoops
Jason Donnelly

Minimalist without being Grinch-like, this leather wreath is ideal for homes with modern decor. If modern isn't your style, try wrapping the hoops in yarn or ribbon. To create, hot-glue two crafts rings together. Wrap each ring with its own color of leather cording, overlapping the cording where the rings meet. Arrange faux greenery and secure with hot glue. Secure colored ornaments or wood balls with hot glue and hang with leather cording.

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Gold-Studded Pinecone Wreath

frosted pinecone gold-studded wreath
Greg Scheidemann

Paint pinecones silver and stud them with gold embellishments for a metallic take on your Christmas door. Start with a basic pinecone wreath and spray-paint it silver. Wire on gold accessories, such as golden nuts (you can spray-paint them yourself if you can't find pre-painted) and gold ball ornaments. Hang with a wide silk gold ribbon.

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Festive Holiday Yarn Wreath

green red festive yarn poinsettia wreath
Jay Wilde

Greet rosy-cheeked guests with a warm, flowery wreath. First, wrap green yarn around a wreath form (available at your local crafts store). Then, create the pretty poinsettia blooms by cutting out felt flower shapes and hot-gluing silver bells to the centers. Hang this Christmas wreath from your door with a festive red-and-green ribbon.

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Blue and Silver Christmas Balls Wreath

frosted blue silver christmas balls wreath
Dana Gallagher

Dress up a plain evergreen wreath with eucalyptus sprigs, glass ball ornaments, and spray paint. To make, wire and wrap the ornaments to the wreath using florists picks, focusing the lightest, biggest ornaments at the top and the darkest, smallest ornaments at the bottom. Use pearl-gold and mist-blue glitter sprays to give the wreath trimmings some frosty elegance.

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Leafy Red-and-Green Christmas Wreath

sprayed leafy red green christmas wreath
Jason Donnelly

The luster of silvery pink-sprayed leaves in combination with the bright pops of red leaves make this holiday wreath a showstopper. To make, spray purchased green faux leaves with your favorite shades of shimmery pink and red. Leave some of the leaves green to balance the color. Once dry, tuck them tightly in an evergreen wreath.

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Holly Jolly Felt Wreath

holly jolly colorful felt-wrapped wreath
Jay Wilde

A collection of perky colors gives an ordinary holiday wreath a bright makeover. Choose felt in classic shades of red and green, then add in complementary hues like orange and aqua. To make, cut the felt into 7-inch strips, about 1/2 inch to 1 inch in width. Wrap and overlap the strips around the foam wreath, pinning the ends to the back. Glue on a cute berry embellishment to finish. To make the Christmas berries: Craft the cozy red berries using three 1x20 inch strips. Trim one long edge of each strip with pinking shears. Starting at one short end and keeping the long straight edge aligned, roll each strip to make a berry. Secure to the felt using hot glue.

To make the berries: Craft the cozy red berries using three 1x20 inch strips. Trim one long edge of each strip with pinking shears. Starting at one short end and keeping the long straight edge aligned, roll each strip to make a berry. Secure to the felt using hot glue.

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Colorful Christmas Ornament Wreath

bright christmas ornament wreath crop
Scott Little

From sweet pinks and reds to icy blues and greens, this Christmas wreath is as colorful as they come! To make, collect ornaments of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Hot-glue them to an 8-inch florists foam wreath, pointing the unattractive tops toward the wreath form, then showcase the finished wreath above a mantel or fireplace where it can really sparkle.

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Pinecone Wreath with Cardinals and Ornaments

frosted pinecone cardinals ornaments wreath
King Au

Let some feathered Christmas friends circle around a wreath this year. To make this holiday wreath, coat a store-bought pinecone wreath with gray spray paint. Spray with spray snow, then silver glitter; let dry between coats. Arrange three cardinal figurines and nine round red ornaments among the pinecones, adhering with hot glue to keep them in place.

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