When decorating is as easy as wrapping a gift, there’s no reason not to deck the halls!

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Made of approximately 50 small party favor boxes you can buy at crafts and party stores, this festive holiday wreath doesn’t require any special crafting skills. Using leftover wrapping paper and coordinating scrapbook paper, simply wrap each tiny box and add embellishments to create a mountain of delicate gifts. Then, layer the boxes onto a felt-wrapped wire wreath frame to create a stunning holiday wreath for your front door.

We’ll walk you through finding and wrapping the packages, and share a few time-saving tips (like hot-gluing the packages instead of dealing with tape) so you can get this holiday display on the front door in record time.

  • Working time 2 hrs
  • Start to finish 2 hrs
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Gather and Prep Boxes

Before you can assemble your wreath, you’ll need wrapped packages. Of course, you don’t have to wrap actual gifts, since this wreath is meant to be used year after year. Gather as many different sizes of small, empty boxes as you can find, or order them in bulk online. We used a mix of mini favor boxes ($4, Oriental Trading Co.), 1 1/2-inch gift boxes ($16 for a pack of 100, Amazon), and 2-inch gift boxes ($11 for a pack of 50, Amazon).

Step 2

Wrap Gift Boxes

Once you’ve gathered your mini boxes (be sure there are enough to cover your wreath form), get to work wrapping them. (Here’s a quick refresher on how to wrap a gift, if you need one.) This is a great way to use up those leftover scraps of wrapping paper you invariably wind up with after wrapping your Christmas gifts. If you don’t have any paper left over or you’d prefer to buy a coordinating set, these wrapping paper sheets from Rifle Paper Co. are my go-to. The packages are small enough to use scrapbook paper sheets, if you prefer.

Since no one will be opening these gifts, skip the pesky roll of tape and hot glue all the edges down so you can get the whole batch wrapped quickly. When you’ve wrapped all the miniature boxes, it’s time to accessorize the packages. Tie each present with a piece of gold cording ($6, Amazon).

Step 3

Prep Wreath Form

You’ll need to prepare the wreath form before you can attach the wrapped packages. We used a plain wire wreath form ($11, Amazon), but since you’ll be covering the wreath with felt, you can use any kind of form you already have. To prep the wreath, start with 1/4-yard of green felt and cut it into two-inch strips. Wrap the entire wreath form with the felt, using hot glue to secure it in the back.

tiny present christmas wreath
Step 4

Attach Gift Boxes

Once the wreath form is wrapped, you can start arranging the gift boxes. Mix up the box sizes and begin hot gluing the packages to the wreath form to create a layer of boxes all the way around. Once the base layer is complete, go back over the wreath and add a second layer of wrapped boxes to create the look of packages piled up under the tree. You may need to go back through and fill in any gaps with small packages. When you’re done, carefully pick up the wreath to make sure all the packages are secure, then hang the wreath. Since it’s not weatherproof, this wreath is best hung indoors as part of your Christmas mantel or behind a glass storm door.


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