Put a wreath on it! With our easy technique, you can make a DIY mesh wreath in under an hour.

February 08, 2019

This handmade holiday wreath starts with a plain wire form and thick ribbon. Making the wreath is as easy as looping wide mesh ribbon through the holes in the wreath form. We love the winter wonderland look of a white wreath accented by metallic ornaments and bottlebrush trees, but you can make a deco mesh wreath in any color!

How to Make a Mesh Wreath

What You'll Need

  • 16" wire wreath form
  • 2 rolls of mesh ribbon in the color of your choice
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ornaments, bottlebrush trees, and other decorations
  • Ribbon

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these simple instructions to make your DIY Christmas wreath. This mesh wreath should only take an hour to complete!

Step 1: Weave the Ribbon

To make your deco mesh wreath, start with an empty wire wreath form; these come in multiple sizes and are usually fairly inexpensive at crafts supply stores. Look for mesh ribbon or fabric in the color or colors you want to use for the wreath. We used one solid color for our wreath, but you can use multiple pieces of fabric in different colors—use the same technique we used for a single color but tie on a second color of fabric at the beginning and alternate loops.

To make the mesh loops, tie a long piece of mesh fabric to the frame. We suggest using one continuous piece of ribbon. If you're using leftover ribbon, tie each piece to the frame as you go. After you tie the fabric, create a full loop with the fabric from the outside edge of the wreath to the inside edge, then secure with a small piece of pipe cleaner (we cut our pipe cleaners into thirds). Use a pipe cleaner that matches the mesh so it won't be visible through the fabric. Keep making full loops and securing with pipe cleaners until the entire wreath form is covered. 

Step 2: Add Embellishments

When you're finished wrapping the wreath, trim the excess fabric and tuck in the end. Secure with hot glue to keep the mesh in place. Then, shape the fabric to the wreath by scrunching and shifting the mesh around the frame until it looks full and fluffed. Use hot glue to add ornaments, small bottlebrush trees, and other Christmas accessories. You can also weave glittery floral embellishments into the mesh. Once your wreath is decorated, add a classic bow and display all winter long. Get our best tips for hanging a wreath on your front door


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