Hack alert! A plastic laundry basket results in a bold wreath of beautiful and trendy eucalyptus. It will make a beautiful base for holiday embellishments or a simple ornament for your front door all year long. 


December 03, 2018
Read step by step instructions after the video.

Head to your local dollar store to pick up an inexpensive plastic laundry basket for this handmade Christmas wreath. They make the perfect size and shape form for weaving eucalyptus branches into a wreath. Or you can upcycle an old or broken round laundry basket. Just make sure the top ring is in intact.

  • Working time 25 mins
  • Start to finish 25 mins
  • Difficulty Easy

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How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Cut the Basket

Using a pair of heavy-duty scissors, cut off the top 5-inches off the basket to form a ring. (We're using only the top, but keep the bottom to make a second smaller laundry basket wreath using the same technique.) 

Step 2

Layer the Leaves

Set the plastic ring down on a work surface so that the cut basket weaves facing up. Weave together pliable seeded eucalyptus stems inside of the ring, making sure the ends overlap. Continue adding seeded eucalyptus to create several layers. Weave baby eucalyptus between the seeded layers for a full-looking wreath. 

Step 3

Secure the Leaves

In about six different places, secure the layers by wrapping the stems with floral wire. Be careful that you only wrap leaves and stems, not the laundry basket. (We'll be removing the basket.) Once the stems are secured in a circular wreath shape, wiggle the wreath out from the laundry basket ring. 

light blue front door with laundry basket wreath
Step 4

Trim and Fluff

Flip your wreath over. If needed, tie on more floral wire to secure any loose eucalyptus and to stabilize the wreath. If you're wreath is looking a little thin, fill in the wreath with extra eucalyptus. Trim the stems for a tidy overall look. Try customizing your handmade wreath for the holidays with sprigs of red berries, evergreen, and seasonal greenery. Attach a wire hanger to the back of the wreath and it's ready for your front door!

Editor's Tip: Use an adhesive hook or magnetic wreath hanging to hang your wreath without damaging it. Get our best tips for hanging a wreath on your door. 


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